Pikes Peak International Hill Climb postponed

Our thoughts go out to those in Colorado who are being affected by the wildfires. Due to the current conditions and safety concerns, the 90th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb will be postponed from July 8th until August 12th. Fuel… Continue Reading →

Natural gas, cheap gas, and consumer choice

I just read an interesting article titled, “Could cheap gas save the economy?”  It’s by Martin Neil Baily, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors under President Clinton (CNN Money June 27).… Continue Reading →

Hey, look me over. Lend me your ears, better your eyes

Hey, Look Me Over. Lend Me Your Ears is a good introduction to this morning’s blog.  It’s a hit song from the Broadway show Wildcat.  Now, how many of you remember Wildcat?  One, two……Good show!  I am going to change… Continue Reading →

Fueling creativity among Chapman University students

The Fuel Freedom Foundation is sponsoring a video competition among Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts students.  Participates were asked to produce a one to three minute video that most powerfully communicates our mission, or one or… Continue Reading →

J.D. Powers can add to consumer satisfaction…

I have an idea!  Unusual for so early in the morning!  I just read a summary of the new J.D. Powers report concerning consumer satisfaction with their automobiles.  It might be a bit early to ask J.D. Powers to amend… Continue Reading →

Fuel Freedom sponsors methanol-powered cars in the July 8th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Methanol and ethanol have become fuels of choice in major races from the Indianapolis 500 to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and the 90th running of the Pikes Peak race on July 8th will feature two methanol-powered cars sponsored… Continue Reading →

Fuel Freedom’s Yossie Hollander at TEDxChapmanU: Emissions fines for electric cars?

Fuel Freedom Foundation co-founder Yossie Hollander recounted to an amused audience of more than 750 people attending the first TEDx conference at Chapman University (and 11,000 watching online) how Tesla Motors was forced to pay a $275,000 fine to the… Continue Reading →

Foreign Policy Magazine: moving in the right direction

Hot off the press! Foreign Policy Magazine (July –August 2012) just published a survey of 50 of the world’s energy and environmental experts concerning their views on energy consumption in 2030. Wow. I will be over a hundred. Look what… Continue Reading →

A response to John Stossel: getting rid of monopolistic conditions in the marketplace

John Stossel, popular host and commentator on Fox News, has argued for some time that the world is awash in oil and that we have the technology to go after it. He is right. There is a lot of tight… Continue Reading →

Oil, natural gas, transportation and the environment – nice words from sometime adversaries

I spent the past weekend and this morning reading articles on energy issues, mostly related to natural gas. Their content seemed relatively hopeful in terms of Over a Barrel’s view that reducing, if not eliminating, the monopolistic conditions that exist… Continue Reading →