When is a fact a fact? Natural gas and the fog of obfuscation

Remember the relatively recent documentary, called the “Fog of War”? It provided former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara an opportunity to define, post facto, truths he perceived from the Vietnam War and to indicate feelings of remorse concerning his role… Continue Reading →

More on Hickenlooper and Fallin-The beginnings of a transportation fuel policy

Last week, I wrote an Over a Barrel blog for you dear readers (sounds like a press release from North Korea), commending Governor John Hickenlooper (D) of Colorado and Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma (R) for their bipartisan effort to… Continue Reading →

Magic dust: Oil and manic depression

Last week, two articles crossed Over a Barrel’s desk. The headlines on both suggested somewhat contrary conclusions concerning oil production. While the writers had different backgrounds (one a financial analyst and the other an actuarial), both are respected analysts. The… Continue Reading →

Sharing a call with Siri about natural gas

Siri called me last night. You know, the voice of Apple on the iPhone. She had come down from the satellite for a breather. She was upset at the NY Times blog suggesting she might have outlived her usefulness. She… Continue Reading →

Ford researchers support ethanol fuel: Let there be light

Lightening hasn’t struck the auto industry. The earth hasn’t moved for the oil industry. Profits are still rolling in for both. But, a group of noble researchers at Ford (new energy and fuel.com), recently found out, what many of you,… Continue Reading →

TEDx Conference: Yossie Hollander discusses how to lower gas prices

Fuel Freedom Foundation co-founder Yossie Hollander was a featured speaker at the first TEDx conference Chapman University on June 21, where he discussed how to “End Our Oil Addiction.” Watch the video to learn how you will never have to… Continue Reading →

Bring back Bill Buckley – We need a factual dialogue on ethanol

I used to love reading the National Review, particularly in the days of Bill Buckley. While I, often, did not agree with the content of some of its articles, I always found the magazine entertaining and thought provoking. I have… Continue Reading →

DoRight is upset at the decline in the cost of oil and its impact

I feel bad for Congressman DoRight. It was over 100 degrees in Washington yesterday and the Congressman was at work in his office in the Rayburn Building. He called me. He was worried about <em>TIME Magazine</em>’s article by Bryan Walsh,… Continue Reading →

“Come let us reason together”: Building an open oil and natural gas market

Over the weekend, I read the transcript of a presentation by Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corporation, before the Council of Foreign Relations (June 27). Mr. Tillerson’s speech and subsequent response to questions reminded me of Churchill’s… Continue Reading →

Ending our oil addiction

As Fuel Freedom Foundation co-founder, I inform the audience at the TEDxChapmanU event about the value of the world’s oil reserves, the impact of our oil addiction, and the ways we can develop cleaner and less expensive American-made fuels.… Continue Reading →