All the analysts are wrong about oil

It’s obvious that oil prices are rising because of growing instability in the Middle East and the specter of a conflict with Iran. No, wait, oil prices are really rising because speculative traders are driving up the cost of oil… Continue Reading →

The three-wheeled car that could

A three-wheeled, tear-drop-shaped car that averages an impressive 330 mpg and has a sticker price of $25,000 sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. However, in 2006, Aptera Motors, Inc. created just that. The innovative electric vehicle was… Continue Reading →

Diamonds are forever…is oil?

The question should not be, “Are we running out of oil?” The simple answer to that question is NO. What we should be asking is, “How much oil can be extracted at a reasonable cost?” Oil must be near $50… Continue Reading →

Being necessarily tough and ethical – increasing the use of natural gas

Paraphrasing and extending the works of the philosopher John Rawls with my own interpretation, the mark of ethical public policy and private behavior is how both public and private sector treat the least advantaged among us. In this context, America’s… Continue Reading →

Dear Eileen: oil independence vs. oil dependency

Eileen Claussen President Center for Climate and Energy Solutions Subject – oil independence vs. oil dependency Dear Eileen: You and I met each other on a number of occasions when I was Dean of the Graduate School of Public Affairs… Continue Reading →

Pollution Prevention Week simplified

This week (Sept. 17-23) is the Environmental Protection Agency’s Pollution Prevention Week. The event “highlights the efforts of EPA, its partners, and the public in making pollution prevention a cornerstone of sustainability.” A laudable goal and cause, yet while the… Continue Reading →

On being a guru – oil up, oil down, divining the right explanation

My companion driving to work today was, as usual, National Public Radio. I must confess that it was productive fun listening to the on-air Marketplace reporter trying to make sense of the recent swings in the oil market. While Marketplace… Continue Reading →

Oil: A weapon with two sharp edges

The Amman Message is an avowal, issued on Nov. 9, 2004 by King Abdullah II of Jordan, calling for tolerance and unity in the Muslim world. The message ties to Jordan’s foreign policy objective to be a peaceful state in… Continue Reading →

Miles per dollar, not miles per gallon

Chances are, the latest announcement of updated Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, requiring new vehicles to average 54.5 mpg by model year 2025, was delightful music to your ears. Current CAFE standards leniently require the average fuel economy for cars… Continue Reading →

An immodest proposal

Rereading Jonathan Swift’s famous 18th century essay, “A Modest Proposal,” I couldn’t help but realize how relevant his ironic argument is today. In a time of rising food costs, Swift’s proposal to feed poor Irish babies to the British nobility… Continue Reading →