Mission Statement

Fuel Freedom Mission Statement:

Fuel Freedom Foundation is working to reduce the cost of driving your existing car or truck by opening the market to cheaper fuel choices at the pump.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of transportation fuels in the US by $300 billion annually within ten years.

In personal terms it means $2 a gallon at the pump, adding $2,500 per year to the pockets of the average American family.

In national terms it means accelerated economic growth, greater energy security, reduced air pollution, lower greenhouse gas emissions and improved health. Fuel Freedom provides a big break for Americans without increasing government spending.

Our plan is to streamline regulations to allow competition and choice at the pump:

  • For under $300, most cars can be converted to run on American made ethanol, methanol or gasoline. You do not need to buy a new car to enjoy the benefits of fuel freedom.
  • Cheaper and cleaner fuels like methanol and ethanol can scale quickly once we open the distribution system to competition.
  • The combined effects of methanol, ethanol, natural gas, electric cars and efficiency will drive down prices at the pump.

Choices at the pump will usher an era of economic growth fueled by innovation in the transportation sector similar to what was experienced in telecommunication after AT&T was deregulated.

Americans have the right to drive for less.