Making batteries out of sand

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have come up with a magic ingredient that may improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries by a factor of three. It’s common beach sand. “This is the holy grail — a low cost,… Continue Reading →

Optimist and pessimist, the Oil & Gas Journal and replacement fuels

“The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds and the pessimist fears this is true” — James Branch Cabell. Or, as I once said in a presentation in China after Tiananmen Square, “a strategic optimist… Continue Reading →

Garage filling stations — are we getting close?

One of the greatest appeals of switching to an alternative-fuel vehicle — electric, compressed natural gas or hydrogen — is saving money and freeing yourself from the clutches of foreign oil. But another is being able to supply your own… Continue Reading →

The journey of a thousand miles, replacement fuels and FFVs

The headlines recently have been terrible — a commercial plane was shot down over the Ukraine, there’s war in the Middle East and more. It makes you wonder, over and over again, about man and woman’s inhumanity to his or… Continue Reading →

USA, USA, USA…The search for competitive fuel choices

“USA, USA, USA, USA.” No, I didn’t just come from watching the U.S. playing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But after reading the glowing, cheerleading, overly enthusiastic, often-nationalistic media accounts of the U.S. overtaking the Saudis in oil production,… Continue Reading →

Attention Investors: Opportunity for an oil change

What would you say about an investment opportunity where your product is four times cheaper than the commodity it is trying to replace and there are 77 million potential customers waiting to use it? Does that sound like something that… Continue Reading →

Big money recognizes the value of Fuel Freedom

To date, the campaign to free America from dependence on foreign fuels has been the effort of idealists, maverick entrepreneurs and folks who are honestly concerned about the vulnerability it creates for America’s place in the world. All that took… Continue Reading →

Resources for the future and an alternative vehicle and fuel pathway

I have been a fan of Resources for the Future (RFF) since my early days in Washington many years ago. While the organization’s reports won’t keep you awake at night nor can they easily convert into a Bollywood movie, they… Continue Reading →

Elon Musk brings California to Detroit

Elon Musk said he was going to shake things up in the auto industry and he certainly has. The billionaire PayPal founder from South Africa caught everyone by surprise two weeks ago when he announced that he will make most… Continue Reading →

Can flaring in the Bakken promote methanol?

Perhaps nothing has enhanced America’s energy independence more over the last five years than the development of the Bakken shale. Gushing forth a million barrels of oil a day with the prospect climbing to 2 million, not to mention another… Continue Reading →