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PUMP, the movie that will change your attitude about fuel.
Giving drivers a choice of fuels will put more money in their pockets, create millions of jobs and protect the U.S. economy from oil shocks.
Giving drivers the fuel choice will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and cut pollution that causes asthma and other illnesses.
Our addiction to oil sends billions of dollars overseas and forces our sons and daughters to fight in faraway places to secure the flow of oil.
Fuel choice will spur innovation and economic investment around the world, as well as promote democracy and equality in developing nations.
Fuel Freedom will reduce the cost of driving your car or truck by forcing gasoline to compete with other fuels. Competition will energize the economy, strengthen our national security, and reduce emissions that harm the environment and our health.
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The Myth of ‘Clean Energy’

JOHN HOFMEISTER: What energy buzzword do people misuse and misunderstand? Let’s…
November 26, 2014/by Fuel Freedom Staff
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John Hofmeister, Energy, Royal Dutch Shell, Shell,

Here’s the Most Important Recent Energy Documentary Film

JOHN HOFMEISTER: The recently released film “Pump” may become…
November 26, 2014/by Fuel Freedom Staff
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EPA touts health, economic benefits of reducing smog

The battle lines already are drawn over the Environmental Protection…
November 26, 2014/by Fuel Freedom Staff
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Naomi Klein: 4 reasons Keystone matters

Environmental writer and activist Naomi Klein writes in The Nation…
November 25, 2014/by Fuel Freedom Staff
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BusinessWeek: Ethanol just avoided a death blow

BusinessWeek's Matthew Phillips reflects on the EPA's decision…
November 25, 2014/by Fuel Freedom Staff
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Whatever OPEC does, U.S. oil companies will keep drilling

Bloomberg has a story about what U.S. drillers will do in response…
November 25, 2014/by Fuel Freedom Staff
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Can alternative vehicles still play a role?

A couple of Google engineers shocked the world last week by announcing…
November 25, 2014/by WIlliam Tucker
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New York Times launches series looking at N.D. oil industry

You won't be fully up to speed on how oil production, and hydraulic…
November 24, 2014/by Fuel Freedom Staff
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