Press Releases

2014 August

Sheryl WuDunn, Co-Founder of FullSky Capital and a Veteran of Alternative Energy Issues Joins the Fight to Open the Gas Pump to Competition IRVINE, CA–August 13, 2014 – Fuel Freedom Foundation today announced that Sheryl... Read the article

2014 February

Robert McFarlane, Architect of Strategic Defense Initiative, and Co-Founder of the U.S. Energy Security Council Joins Fight to Open the Fuels Market to Competition IRVINE, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 5, 2014) – Fuel Freedom Foundation today... Read the article
Research Finds Adoption of Natural Gas and Biomass as Feedstock for Transportation Fuels a Must to Achieve Energy Independence IRVINE, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 4, 2014) - The Fuel Freedom Foundation (FFF), today announced the findings of a... Read the article

2013 December

Ilana Meirovitch Joins Fuel Freedom Foundation’s National Effort to Give Americans Choice at the Pump  Fuel Freedom Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to reduce the cost of driving your existing car or truck by... Read the article

2013 August

Fuel Freedom Foundation to host webinar featuring co-founder Eyal Aronoff, Aug. 15, 2013 — 2 PM EDT IRVINE, CA.—Aug. 7, 2013 WHAT: Webinar Series: Fueling the Future Fuel Freedom Foundation is hosting a series of... Read the article

2013 April

Governor Bill Richardson joins the fight to break America’s oil addiction IRVINE—April 22, 2013— Fuel Freedom Foundation announced today that former governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, has joined their board of advisors. Richardson’s accomplished... Read the article
Douglas Foy joins national effort to give Americans choice at the pump IRVINE, CA.—April 18, 2013— Doug Foy, president of Serrafix and former Secretary of the Massachusetts Office for Commonwealth Development under Mitt Romney will... Read the article
Visionary, business leader and energy educator joins Fuel Freedom Foundation’s national effort to break America’s oil addiction IRVINE, CA–APRIL 4, 2013 – John Hofmeister, energy and leadership expert, former president of Shell Oil and CEO... Read the article

2013 March

Fuel Freedom Campaign Dedicated to Creating a Choice at the Pump Launches Book Club and Webinar Series IRVINE, CA–MARCH 28, 2013 -  Fuel Freedom Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign dedicated to ending America’s oil addiction through... Read the article
Former TIAX LLC Director Michael D. Jackson Joins Fuel Freedom Foundation’s Effort to End America’s Addiction to Oil IRVINE, CA.—MARCH 20, 2013—Fuel Freedom Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign dedicated to breaking America’s oil addiction, announces... Read the article
Donald Dunn Joins Fuel Freedom Foundation’s Effort to Break America’s Oil Addiction IRVINE, CA—MARCH 12—Fuel Freedom Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign dedicated to breaking America’s oil addiction, announced today that Donald Dunn, fundraiser and political... Read the article

2012 October

Southern California Event Brings Together Leading Experts and Supporters to Kick-off Replacement Fuels Campaign NEWPORT BEACH, CA—OCT. 22—Fuel Freedom Foundation officially launched its campaign to end America’s oil addiction with a major event held at... Read the article
The High-Tech Entrepreneur’s Gift Through the Orange County Community Foundation Will Support Efforts to Break America’s Oil Addiction IRVINE, CA.—OCT. 17,2012—Vinny Smith, technology entrepreneur, founder and former CEO of Aliso Viejo-based Quest Software, which recently... Read the article
Terence Loose, staff writer at the well-respected Coast Magazine, interviewed Fuel Freedom Foundation Founders, Eyal Aronoff and Yossie Hollander, about how our addiction to oil is crushing our economy and harming our environment. The Fuel... Read the article

2012 September

Three Chapman University Filmmakers are Selected for Productions That Exemplify the Severity of America’s Oil Addiction IRVINE, CA.–Sept. 25–The Fuel Freedom Foundation today announced the winners of its first college video competition, recognizing the work... Read the article

2012 August

At the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, they say you have to take what the mountain gives you. Well, yesterday the mountain gave us enough snow, freezing rain and slick roads to frustrate drivers, crews,... Read the article
Fuel Freedom is sponsoring six-time Pikes Peak winner Paul Dallenbach, and his nephew, Wyatt Dallenbach, as they tackle the grueling 12.42-mile course, which includes a vertical climb of nearly one mile. The 90th running of... Read the article

2012 June

IRVINE, CA—JUNE 25—Fuel Freedom, a nonpartisan campaign to break America’s oil dependency by opening fuel markets to competition from alternative fuels, is sponsoring methanol-powered cars driven by six-time PPIHC winner Paul Dallenbach, and his nephew,... Read the article
IRVINE, CA—JUNE 25—Fuel Freedom Foundation Co-Founder Yossie Hollander told the first TEDx audience at Chapman University June 21st that American consumers could have $2-a-gallon transportation fuel tomorrow if alternative fuels like natural gas, methanol, ethanol... Read the article
William Tucker, author and news editor at, interviews Fuel Freedom Foundation co-founder Yossie Hollander about the potential for methanol fuel and praises Fuel Freedom’s “smart national campaign” to open transportation fuel markets to competition.... Read the article

2012 May

The Fuel Freedom Foundation says that a new warning from the International Monetary Fund underscores the urgency of opening markets to competition from alternative fuels such as natural gas, ethanol, methanol and electricity. The IMF Working Paper, entitled “The Future... Read the article
In what will serve as the first stage of a national competition, the Fuel Freedom Foundation is sponsoring a contest for students at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts to produce a... Read the article

2012 March

The University of Chicago today announced that the Energy Policy Institute at Chicago (EPIC) has received a $1.5 million gift from the Fuel Freedom Foundation to establish the Future of Transportation Fuels Initiative. The Initiative... Read the article