You have a choice, America: Here are 10 examples, and one key exception

As Americans, we have abundant choices in virtually everything. From the cars we drive to the food we eat, freedom of choice is a defining part of our country. Here’s our top 10 list of things you can choose to buy (and one which you can’t):

1. Dogs: Looking for a furry friend? There are 340 dog breeds in the world, not to mention the many different mixed breeds that exist.


2. Ice cream: The free market has never looked (or tasted) better. Craving a delicious treat? Don’t worry, you’ll have ample choice, because the cream scene is changing every day – from your classic mint chip to the wilder flavors like rainbow sherbet, the options are endless.


3. Haircuts: There are an infinite amount of awesome haircuts you can get – from the ever classy Mohawk to the now popular man bun (disclaimer: Fuel Freedom does not endorse mohawks). The possibilities are endless!


4. Coffee: Here in America, there are infinite possibilities for coffee. From the tall soy no-whip mocha frappuccino with extra caramel to the ever-reliable black java, the choice is yours!


5. Selfie sticks: Surprise! Not only do selfie sticks exist, they’re also customizeable, and come in a variety of colors and sizes (disclaimer: Fuel Freedom really, really does not endorse selfie sticks).


6. Hats: Whether it’s a boat hat, a cowboy hat, or a beret, you have ample choice in cranial accessories.









7. Chocolate: There are enough chocolate options in the world to make Willy Wonka proud. Seriously – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sea salt caramel infused chocolate, red velvet chocolate – the list goes on and on.


8. Music: Luckily, we have a tremendous amount of musical choice that you can listen to at the drop of a hat (well except for Taylor Swift on Spotify, but that’s OK).

9. Cars: We’re lucky to have a wide variety of car sizes, and brands to drive. Enough types in fact, to find one that works for everyone.


10. Candidates: OK, so some people might quibble about the choices during any campaign season. But the selection process was exhaustive, to say the least. Here’s one nobody had a beef with: Robert Redford (in “The Candidate,” from 1972):









11. Fuels: With so many transportation options, you’d think the same courtesy would be extended to the fuels we put in our car. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case: Gasoline has been virtually our only option for fueling up at the pump for more than a century now. At Fuel Freedom Foundation, we’re working to break the monopoly on transportation fuels and bring choice to you, America.


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