A year later, PUMP (now award-winning!) still provokes discussion

Eric Cook, aka Eric the Car Guy, has given us what might be the most honest, thoughtful appraisal of PUMP the Movie we’ve seen in a while.

The Ohio-based mechanic used his popular YouTube channel, ETCG1, to offer a five-minute review of the 2014 documentary. But his post is more than that: It’s an inquisitive, no-nonsense foray into the many issues raised by the film.

Watch it here:

Refreshingly, Cook is not entirely convinced.

Now, I’m sure that a lot of you have strong feelings about ethanol, or methanol, or any fuels aside from gasoline. And I’m sure they’re founded in your personal experiences. But the point I’m trying to make with this video is, I like the idea of having a choice.

It’s got the wheels turning in my mind. And the thing I keep coming back to is, I’m not saying, ‘I’m an ethanol or a methanol lover.’ I’ve got a good friend, Daniel Gray, who has a channel, MPGOMatic, and he’s huge advocate of using ethanol. And some people say, ‘Don’t use food for fuel,’ but there’s lots of different things you can use to [make ethanol] … basically, what it is, is moonshine. … and they also demonstrate in the movie how it burns cleaner.

I have trouble with this, because I have friends at Shell, I have friends at Valvoline, I have friends at some of these major oil petroleum producers, and I like them. I don’t see them as evil people at all. I see them as people trying to make a living, and trying to do the best they can at it. What I see is … a mixed view, if you will … I’m having trouble coming up with a solid opinion on this, and I apologize for that. But I am interested in what discussion ensues.

Don’t apologize, Eric! The point is to start the discussion, and to keep it going, because the core issues aren’t going away: We’re still addicted to oil as the only fuel “feedstock” available for the vast majority of vehicles on the road. This dependence harms our health and the environment, and causes endless instability in the global economy.

Yes, ethanol is a cheaper, cleaner alternative. But it’s not perfect. No fuel is. But shouldn’t we let consumers, and the markets, decide what fuel drivers can put in their tanks?

PUMP was released in theaters in September 2014, and now it’s available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes and DVD. It’s a valuable educational tool for us, a vehicle (if you will) for our message that fuel choice is the solution to a lot of problems connected to oil.

crystal arrowhead2The judges at the Idaho Liberty Expo & Film Festival in Coeur d’Alene liked it so much they named it Best Documentary Feature Film in August. We have the awesome-looking trophy in the front of our office right now.

The movie is just as relevant as when we made it, and that’s why it continues to be viewed on screens large and small around the country. It’s screening at UC Berkeley tonight; in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Thursday night (at the Pink Garter Theatre!); in Scarsdale, New York, on Monday; and at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., on Oct. 21.

You can also host a screening of your own!

See PUMP and take part in the discussion.

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