Fuel Freedom Foundation is seeking the brightest minds, the hardest workers, and the most energetic personalities to help achieve our goal of fuel choice in America.

We offer a competitive salary, attractive benefits and a terrific working environment at our headquarters in Irvine, Calif., in sunny Orange County. Our dedicated staff spends each day collaborating on the many facets of our mission, from tracking global energy trends, influencing economic policy and national security, promoting new technologies, and educating the public on environmental and health issues.

Every summer we hire several interns to help with our various campaigns, all serving the goal of changing the U.S. transportation-fuel system to allow replacement fuels like ethanol, methanol and natural gas to compete on an even footing with gasoline at the pump.

The work is intellectually engaging, and Fuel Freedom interns get hands-on experience working on projects that are meaningful and that move people to action. Our work ranges from crafting social-media posts and research papers to planning lectures and major conferences. We all pitch in to get the job done, and with our collegial atmosphere, it’s a blast. Last summer’s interns helped promote our documentary film PUMP as it premiered in cities all over the country, including Los Angeles.

Let us know if you’d like to join our fight.