Is your car a Flex-Fuel Vehicle?

Flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) can run on any combination of gasoline or ethanol, up to 85 percent ethanol (E85). But how do you know whether you’re driving an FFV?

Some models have a flex-fuel badge — like the one pictured above — on the vehicle somewhere, most likely the back. FFVs also might have yellow gas caps or a sticker inside the fuel door stating the vehicle is E85-compatible. The owner’s manual also should clearly state which fuel types are approved for your vehicle.

You can also use our handy interactive feature. Enter your information into the fields below to find out whether you can start using ethanol today!

For model years 2018 and newer, check out the Renewable Fuels Association’s up-to-date list.

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*Vehicle information is provided by the U.S Department of Energy & Renewable Fuels Association. To verify your vehicle’s compatibility, please consult your owner’s manual or contact your vehicle’s manufacturer.