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Review: ‘Pump’ is too perfect

America’s obsession with oil is on tap in Pump, the latest film by husband-wife documentarian duo Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell. Their previous film, Fuel, Freedom and The Big Fix, also focused on the hazards of America’s oil dependence, so it’s no surprise that Pump – which premiered in the D.C. area Oct. 6 […]

PUMP – Special Screening with Q&A presented by Fuel Freedom Foundation

The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana is proud to bring you an eye-opening investigation into the United States’ problematic love affair with fossil fuels. Husband and wife team Joshua and Rebecca Harrell Tickell’s Pump is an exciting presentation of both long- and short-term solutions to our nation’s current oil addiction. The film seeks to explore […]

Review – PUMP

Film Hamster Our dependence on oil for fuel has high costs, and I’m not just talking about the per gallon price at the station these days.  Pump takes a closer look at these costs and what has put us in this situation, while offering a clear cut solution.

Pump: The Movie (Screening)

Cornell University Right now, we have the ability to change our country’s future by ending our dependence on oil. PUMP is an eye-opening movie that shows how YOU can help end our oil addiction, but you never knew it. Co-Founder, Yossie Hollander will be hosting a Q&A session after the movie.  


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