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LAT: Chevron spending big to sway election in Richmond, Calif.

Los Angeles Times consumer-affairs columnist Michael Hiltzik writes about the lengths to which Chevron is going to influence city elections in the city of Richmond, Calif. And it seems that only a student-run newspaper is reporting on Chevron’s spending. ” … leaving coverage of the election to Chevron’s PR organ, the Richmond Standard, could be […]

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Growth Energy: Report proves food vs. fuel myth ‘completely unfounded’

Ethanol Producer magazine has an explanatory post on the USDA report released last week. Growth Energy, which represents ethanol producers, says the report is further evidence that the “food vs. fuel” debate used to undermine ethanol is flawed. Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, told the magazine: “In report after report, we see that the […]


Pentagon: Climate change could present threats to U.S. military

The U.S. Defense Department has come out with a comprehensive report on the impact of climate change on America’s military. According to The Washington Post’s story on the report, “Drastic weather, rising seas and changing storm patterns could become ‘threat multipliers’ for the United States, vastly complicating security challenges faced by American forces …” Read […]