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Biofuels from woody plants and grasses instead of the corn and sugarcane

Scientists are using biotechnology to chip away at barriers to producing biofuels from woody plants and grasses instead of the corn and sugarcane used to make ethanol. NC State’s Forest Biotechnology Group, which has been responsible for several research milestones published this year, summed up biofuel research progress and challenges for a special issue of […]

Breaking Energy: Kansas ethanol plant a big win in RFS equation

While the debate rages about what the threshold for biofuels should be in the government’s next (and long-delayed) Renewable Fuel Standard, Breaking Energy’s Jared Anderson has a timely post about the makeup of the current RFS, as it was proposed by the EPA last November. There are thresholds within the larger thresholds, and it looks […]

Author makes financial case for divesting from fossil fuels

Tom Nowak of Quantum Financial spoke at Green Fest in Chicago recently, and there he discussed whether it makes financial sense for investors to divest from funds that include fossil-fuel holdings. Nowak, an expert on socially conscious investing who wrote the book Low Fee Socially Responsible Investing: Investing in Your Worldview on Your Own Terms, […]

Federal court orders DOT to respond to Sierra Club’s unsafe tank-car lawsuit

A Federal court has ordered the Department of Transportation to respond to a lawsuit filed by three environmental organizations — Earthjustice, the Sierra Club and ForestEthics — in which the parties asked the court to order DOT to respond to the organizations’ request for an emergency order banning the use of DOT-111 tanks cars for […]

Politico lets environmentalist respond to BP op-ed

Earlier this week Politico, the online politics magazine, allowed an environmentalist with extensive knowledge of the British Petroleum/Deepwater Horizon disaster respond to BP’s widely criticized op-ed published on the magazine last week. Kara Lankford of Ocean Conservancy says: “The full effects of 210 million gallons of oil on the Gulf cannot be easily dismissed …” […]