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Falling oil prices hindering Iraq’s ability to fight ISIS

Clobbered by falling oil prices, Iraq is headed over a fiscal cliff, unable to make critical investments needed to keep its oil flowing and still pay the skyrocketing costs of fighting Islamic State extremists, according to government officials. Without a recovery in oil revenues, some fear the country is again sliding toward a breakup.

Startup turns this ‘stinkweed’ into biofuel

Some call it the “stinkweed.” Yet despite that inglorious moniker, there’s an awful lot to like about pennycress, say officials with one St. Louis startup company. That’s because pennycress seeds — five to seven thousand of them in a given plant — have the potential to produce the world’s next big biofuel …

Sunshine State irony: Florida, affected by climate change, bans the term

It is one of the profound ironies of climate change that a state besieged by its effects — where coastal islands face existential threats and daily floods render major thoroughfares difficult to navigate — is also populated by powerful politicians who express deep suspicion of the relevant science.