Who We Are

Fuel Freedom Foundation is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to reducing the cost of driving your existing vehicle by opening the market to cheaper fuel choices.

About Us

The foundation is comprised of entrepreneurs and experts in energy, business, national security, domestic policy and the environment. We represent a diverse range of backgrounds, experience and political ideologies, but we came together to form this nonprofit because of our shared belief that it’s imperative to lower the price of oil and provide consumers with fuel choice.


We believe that by creating permanent conditions necessary to give gasoline competition at the pump, we can end our oil addiction, saving Americans thousands of dollars each year, strengthening our national security and creating a generation of new jobs.

If we made fuels like ethanol, methanol, natural gas and biofuels more widely available to consumers, prices would fall and less money would flow to other nations that export their oil. We would have less need to send our sons and daughters to faraway places to secure the supply and transport of oil.

Because the natural resources needed to produce many of these replacement fuels are widely available in the United States, millions of new jobs would be created as the distribution network for these fuels is built up. These are jobs that can’t be outsourced. Producing more fuel at home would also strengthen the overall U.S. economy and help reduce our vulnerability to spikes in worldwide prices.

Clearing a path for cleaner-burning fuels to compete on an even footing with gasoline will also reduce air pollution that causes lung and heart disease. Fuel choice will cut levels of emissions like carbon dioxide that trap heat in the atmosphere and harm the environment.

Fuel Freedom operates as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Under federal law, we can receive donations that are tax-deductible for donors. Donations support Fuel Freedom’s campaigns, funded research and other programming. Our IRS tax ID is 45-3201801.