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Diversifying the nation's fuels would save drivers money and create jobs. Learn more about how fuel choice can boost the economy.
Consuming less oil would reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and air pollution. Learn more about how fuel choice can help the environment and improve health.
Ending oil's monopoly would lessen the need to send troops to protect the flow of oil. Learn more about how fuel choice can strengthen U.S. national security.
It's not just the US that is dependent on oil. Economies worldwide are impacted by this monopoly. Learn about how fuel choice can change our world.
Fuel Freedom will reduce the cost of driving your car or truck by forcing gasoline to compete with other fuels. Competition will energize the economy, strengthen our national security, and reduce emissions that harm the environment and our health.

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Nice write up of Pump The Movie from Moab Sun News:

"'PUMP' is a hard-hitting critique of the country's reliance on oil that calls on Americans to support the mass production of alcohol-based fuels and other alternative energy sources." Read more here: bit.ly/1JuWoz9
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