Fuels 101

There’s a whole world of fuel choices out there to power our cars, trucks and SUVs. But there’s also a trove of complicated information, and plenty of misinformation.

Whether you’re interested in alcohol fuels, biodiesel, hydrogen, CNG or electric cars, Fuels 101 is here to help you learn the basics. Get information about the various fuel types – how they’re made, how they work, and the benefits to be gained from using them.

You may also be one of the almost 20 million drivers who already owns a flex-fuel vehicle (FFV), which is capable of running on ethanol, gasoline, or any mixture of the two. If you’re not sure, check your vehicle with our handy tool. If ethanol is the fuel you’re after, you can search for the alternative-fuel station closest to you.

So take Fuels 101 for a test drive, and let knowledge fuel your choice.