Fuel Freedom shares its expertise in a variety of ways. We conduct lectures, present papers, host webinars and appear on broadcast media to inform the public about the benefits of fuel choice.
Here are a few avenues of communication for us:

Talks. Our leaders have taken the stage at TEDx events and international conferences to talk about issues related to fuel choice. Luckily, we recorded some of them!

Videos. We’re often asked to appear as guests on major news programs, including Sean Hannity’s TV and radio shows and “Meet the Press.” We also take part in panel discussions with other leading experts.

Webinars. Once we’ve completed a research paper, like the ones on our Research & Whitepapers page, we don’t stop there. We organize and present online webinars to communicate our findings with stakeholders.

Powerpoints. Sometimes you need to see a visual representation of information for an idea to hit home. This PPT uses colorful graphics and charts, and even humor, to illustrate key points.