Our Work

Fuel choice is achievable now, rather than years down the road, and it can happen with the cars we drive today. But some barriers must be overcome.

Fuel Freedom Foundation is working with partners around the country, from elected officials to think tanks and scientists, from retailers to distributors and like-minded organizations, to create the market conditions necessary to achieve a truly competitive fuel marketplace.

Our work is concentrated in four main areas:

Influencing federal and state policy

We have assembled a bipartisan team of former EPA officials, legislators, and high-level influencers to work with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Energy (DOE), and others in Washington to make the case that high-octane fuels can be among the pathways to achieve federal fuel-efficiency standards. At the state level, most notably in California, we are engaging with decision-makers to consider high-octane fuels as the primary near-term solution to meet the State’s goals, including the Governor’s petroleum reduction targets, GHG emissions reductions, and air-quality improvement.
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Helping to expand availability of alternative fuels

The most promising path for reducing our dependence on oil is to make high-octane alcohol fuels like ethanol and methanol more widely available. Alcohol fuels (like E85) are cleaner and cheaper than gasoline, even after the recent decline in oil prices. They can be produced from a variety of feedstocks, including natural gas, biomass, municipal waste, and corn, and are available now, in the existing distribution system. Through our partnerships with fueling retailers and distributors, we help promote the benefits of alcohol fuels, and drive more consumer traffic to these stations.
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Partnering on critical research

Fuel Freedom has partnered with several major universities, think tanks and laboratories to conduct research and publish academic papers on the economic, technical and environmental facets of transportation fuels. The more information we make available to the public, the better-equipped everyone will be to make the right choices about fuel.
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Educating consumers

Consumer awareness and education are the keys to combating the vast amount of misinformation surrounding fuel-related issues, and to increasing adoption of fuel alternatives. Our 2014 full-length documentary PUMP, which traces the story of America’s addiction to oil and showcases how converting our cars to run on alternative fuels is the quickest path to ending our addiction, continues to serve as a great teaching tool. Viewed by over a million people to date, PUMP, narrated by Jason Bateman, is available to watch on Vimeo now.