A push for cheaper, safer natural gas cars

GigaOm has an interesting article about natural gas vehicles: “It’s fair to say that natural gas is truly the darling of U.S. energy sources these days, thanks to its abundance,  cheap price and relatively clean (lower emission) image when standing… Continue Reading →

Fueling alternatives to unburden our economy from high oil prices

National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge blog has a new post on the reasons that oil prices are largely outside of presidential power. Two key takeaways are that petroleum is effectively a single global supply pool that defies national or territorial… Continue Reading →

We don’t have to be captives of high oil prices

David Frum’s recent piece on the Daily Beast “Obama’s Fantasy Energy Plan” makes some good points. However, where transportation is concerned, we believe that we CAN have cheaper, cleaner AND more secure—without distorting the market through subsidies. All we need… Continue Reading →

The real reason gasoline prices might go up to $5 a gallon

An article on MSNBC provides 8 reasons why gasoline prices will go up to $5 a gallon this year. All of them are certainly contributing factors. However, the article does not mention the most important reason: oil has a virtual… Continue Reading →

Rising gasoline prices put small businesses in tough spot

We all notice higher gas prices when filling our fuel tanks. However, higher gas prices also trickle down to squeeze our budgets in many other areas. For example, small businesses are finding themselves squeezed between rising costs and the needs… Continue Reading →

Video: Gasoline price jumps 10 cents in just 2 minutes

Gas prices have been rapidly rising lately. In fact, an ABC news broadcast below captured a ten cent per gallon increase in just two minutes. Oil prices are expected to continue their upward trend, but even if they level off,… Continue Reading →

NY Times: Methanol as an alternative to gasoline

The New York Times came out with a case for methanol. Methanol as an Alternative to Gasoline By TOM RIDGE and MARY E. PETERS PRESIDENT Obama recently called the United States the “Saudi Arabia of natural gas” and asserted that… Continue Reading →

Infographic: The impact of high oil prices

This graphic shows the many ways that high oil prices affect us all–from the national economy to our family budgets.… Continue Reading →

Weaning ourselves off of foreign oil

An article at The Atlantic recently pointed to the 2012 Annual Energy Outlook from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, and the possibility that we are weaning ourselves off of foreign oil, if all goes according to plan. The United States… Continue Reading →

Can methanol really replace gasoline? And is it really cheaper?

Aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin has a well-earned reputation for his visionary approach to complex technical issues. He has lately focused his attention on the possibility of fueling our cars using methanol produced from abundant domestic sources. His results are impressive.… Continue Reading →