Natural gas-to-methanol chorus grows louder

The New York Times recently came out with a case for methanol from natural gas as an alternative to gasoline. Although the U.S. is “the Saudi Arabia of natural gas,” this abundant energy source languishes underground for lack of sufficient… Continue Reading →

Even together, better fuel economy and more drilling are not enough

A recent expert roundup at the Council of Foreign Relations website took on the issue of “How to handle oil price volatility.” The arguments presented all center on the most typical responses to the many manifestations of our “oil problem.”… Continue Reading →

We should use abundant U.S. resources to fuel our vehicles

Brazil is oil independent, indeed, is an oil exporter, because its consumers have a choice of fuels at the pump. Most of the cars in the country, and nearly all in urban areas, can run on anything from a 20… Continue Reading →

Demand is down, so why are gasoline prices rising?

Demand is lower, yet gasoline prices continue to rise. What gives? NPR’s “The Two-Way” blog breaks down the reasons. First is the new reality: rapid urbanization in the emerging economies, Asia in particular, is driving up oil prices. This trend… Continue Reading →

NPR Infographic: What’s behind high gas prices?

NPR came up with a really useful infographic that starts as a gasoline primer then highlights the factors that affect gasoline prices, from refining capacity limits to financial market speculation. The U.S. supply and demand curves are also interesting, reinforcing… Continue Reading →

Air travel costs also affected by high oil prices

Like drivers everywhere, airlines are seeing their budgets squeezed by the recent rise in oil prices. The cost increase will certainly trickle down to travelers, if it hasn’t already. Until we summon the will to address the real oil problem,… Continue Reading →

Refinery closures also drive up gasoline prices

A blog in the Wall Street Journal cautions that East Coast refinery closures may depress gasoline supplies and further drive up prices. This is just one more reason we cannot continue to depend wholly on petroleum to fuel our transportation… Continue Reading →

The “dismal state” of the electric car?

The New York Times’ Sunday Review section examines what it calls the “dismal state” and uncertain future of the electric car, which it asserts has been “the victim of hyped expectations, technological flops, high costs and a hostile political climate.”… Continue Reading →

Beyond the politics of high gasoline prices

The combination of a presidential election year and gasoline prices historically high for this time of year, both parties are playing the blame game. However, the posturing with regard to gasoline prices does not address the fundamental reality that our… Continue Reading →

We’re not as energy independent as we’d like to think

The New York Times’ lead story today offers are lengthy and useful examination of the debate between more drilling, and more conservation and efficiency, in what the newspaper sees as signs of progress toward “energy independence”. Both drilling and efficiency… Continue Reading →