Unrequited love: Flex-fuel automobiles and flex fuel

Last weekend, I stopped at an Avis Car Rental office because “they try harder” and asked for a flex-fuel car for a couple days of driving through beautiful Southern California. The attendant, a wonderful, smart and very attractive woman, didn’t… Continue Reading →

The truth about oil: Big truths, uneven response

“The Truth about Oil,” Time Magazine‘s cover story concerning our country’s dependency on oil (Time Magazine, April 9, 2012), got me excited. It led me to believe that the inside article was going to be a cross between a breathy… Continue Reading →

Banning speculators won’t solve our oil problem

Joseph P. Kennedy II, the former Congressman from Massachusetts and the founder of Citizens Energy Corporation, argues in today’s New York Times that banning oil speculators from world commodity markets could reduce the price of oil by as much as… Continue Reading →

CNBC: Truck conversion and the natural gas revolution

Watch this CNBC video from Larry Kudlow of truck conversion to natural gas. Total conversion is only four hours, though the price of $8,000 to $9,000 underscores the need to make the conversion affordable to average Americans. Also, the claim… Continue Reading →

My big toothache

Round two. Trying hard to think about a way to capsulize the debate now going on concerning strategies to reduce U.S. dependence on oil. It reminds of a still funny story (to me) about my own inability to see cause… Continue Reading →

Increased supplies increased prices: It’s a puzzlement (or is it)

Permit me to introduce myself and a new Fuel Freedom blog called Over a Barrel. Once the blog is launched on the Fuel Freedom website in about two weeks, new entries will appear just about every day. Most times I… Continue Reading →