Justin Timberlake could lower gas prices

First, I would like to congratulate Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on their marriage. While every bride should be gifted with a beautiful new gem to hug her ring finger, I would like to propose (no pun intended) that Timberlake… Continue Reading →

An American horror story

With Halloween just around the corner, my thoughts have been filled with black cats and jack-o-lanterns and, scarier, Dexter-esque murderers and Walking Dead zombies. These disturbing thoughts from my days have seeped into my mind during the night, causing some… Continue Reading →

Make love not war – building a transitional transportation fuel coalition

I am sorry to see a cold war break out between some advocates of renewable energy and advocates of natural gas. It is very unfortunate. Both groups share a similar threshold objective to open up the transportation fuel market to… Continue Reading →

Riding your bike won’t save the world, but replacement fuels will

I love riding my pink Electra bicycle around town. With my hair whipping in the wind and fresh air flowing all around, I’m filled with a wonderful sense of freedom – something I seldom experience when confined to driving my… Continue Reading →

Making logic and rhetoric able to contend – Fareed Zakaria and natural gas

I have always been impressed with the international and domestic policy commentary, whether on television or in print, of Fareed Zakaria. He is intelligent without being pompous and incisive without careless extrapolation. Zakaria, unlike some national journalists, manages to avoid… Continue Reading →

iPhone, Justin Bieber and lower fuel prices

It is the decade of the iPhone, Twitter and Justin Bieber. It is a decade where there are more music reality TV shows than you can count. It is a decade where Americans are spending more on transportation than on… Continue Reading →

Say it ain’t so – drilling for oil will lower gas prices

Say it ain’t so, Joe? This question and phrase was immortalized by a child who supposedly tearfully asked “Shoeless Joe” Jackson, the disgraced star baseball player, if he really threw a World Series game. I wish I could find similar,… Continue Reading →

Sex, gas markets and alternative fuels

During America’s early pioneer history, a bundling board was used by parents to separate young people of the opposite sex who shared the same bed. They hoped to eliminate physical contact, more specifically, sex. Hormones must have caused many splinters… Continue Reading →

The Model T Was More Advanced Than Your Car

Henry Ford, inventor of the assembly line and the first mass-production vehicle, once remarked that ethanol is “the fuel of the future.” In fact, the Model T was originally designed to run on bio ethanol but could also run on… Continue Reading →

Drinking, driving, poverty and alternative fuels – tough choices

This week, a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that high gas prices may have reduced drunk driving among American kids. “Teens are especially sensitive to increases in gasoline prices and declines in economic conditions, which… Continue Reading →