The Holiday Scrooge: High gas prices

The holiday season is here. The smell of cinnamon fills the air and you can finally get your favorite mint-eggnog-spiced-dolce-latte from your local coffee shop. Everyone boasts about their strategy of quickly finding a parking spot at the mall. Families… Continue Reading →

Holiday notes from a father and grandfather – oil and war

Maybe it’s the contemplative character of the holiday season; maybe it’s the lack of positive news about the wars America is fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq; maybe it’s my recent focus on the close relationship between our dependency on oil… Continue Reading →

Talk and do: EVs and alternative fuels

I’ve had a series of discussions with some bright and successful people in Orange County who have looked seriously at electric cars (EVs). Some own them. Some want them. Some are skeptical about them. Because EVs will play a key… Continue Reading →

Charge or swap?

This week, Forbes Magazine published an in-depth article about the future of electric vehicle technology. Looking beyond the fact that the mere existence of this news article (and the growing list of similar articles) is establishing electric car technology as… Continue Reading →

Many voices: rising seas and alternative fuels

My menu in the morning, apart from mediocre cereal, includes a quick read of the O.C. Register and a perusal of the headlines for a later-in-the-day intense look at the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal. Because of outmoded… Continue Reading →

Black Friday vs. black gold

You know how on Black Friday, the notorious shopping day after Thanksgiving, some people camp out in front of the stores that are offering amazing deals to burst inside as soon as the doors open, sometimes trampling fellow shoppers or… Continue Reading →

Jordan: Fighting for economic relief

On Nov. 13, the Jordanian government made an announcement to cut fuel subsidies, triggering yet another round of protests in the Arab region and further accentuating the people’s political discontent and the nation’s economic challenges. This may seem like a… Continue Reading →

IEA and Saudi America: Nothing is so firmly believed as what we don’t know

I just got a call from Congressman DoRight. He is one of the remaining members of Congress who wants to leave partisanship on the policy doorstep. The congressman calls me when an important energy issue is before the Congress. Today,… Continue Reading →

How to break the oil monopoly

As Fuel Freedom Foundation co-founder, I take you on a journey through the personal experiences that led me to uncover the destructive forces behind America’s dependency on oil. After over a decade of examining why the United States has struggled… Continue Reading →

I choose the car I drive…why can’t I choose my fuel?

With 175,000 miles (and climbing), an eyesore of a dent in the rear fender, steadily oxidizing paint and a growing list of aging parts that beg to be repaired or replaced, I’m anxious to upgrade my 13-year-old car to something… Continue Reading →