Yin and yang – building consensus on natural gas

Happy New Year! May this year bring alternative energy advocates and environmentalists closer together with respect to the use and indeed the potential for the environmental misuse of natural gas. If both realize the yin and yang of their debate… Continue Reading →

2012’s six most outrageous excuses for high gas prices

This past year was one of the most volatile years for gas prices. Although prices currently seem to be settling at relative lows for the year, we can’t forget that we also saw record highs in 2012. These “lows” aren’t… Continue Reading →

Don’t be fooled by the illusion of low gas prices

Overnight, the most popular headlines have become “Gas Prices Hit Low for a Year,” “Gas Prices Continue to Decline” and the list goes on. According to Daily Fuel Gauge, the average price of a gallon of regular gas in the… Continue Reading →

Sad news, positive news and energy predictions

This year ends on a down note. The Newtown school tragedy overwhelmed and immobilized me for a long while and continues to absorb much of my thinking. While suffering by comparison, we should remind ourselves of some of the good… Continue Reading →

Muddling through -Independence or Reducing Oil Dependency

Way back in the 60s, a noted political scientist, Charles Lindblom, wrote an article called the “Science of Muddling Through.” He indicated that, at least, in the public sector, cost, time and political constraints limit the ability to make rational decisions.… Continue Reading →

AAA: To be or not to be representatives of auto owners

Recently, AAA warned car owners to beware of E15 (15% ethanol blend) and even asked the government to stop its sale. The auto club indicated that 15% ethanol blended with gasoline could hurt car engines. Further, it claimed that the… Continue Reading →

The Guardian highlights Fuel Freedom’s solution to high oil prices

The influential and widely read U.K. daily, The Guardian, has taken an in-depth look at Fuel Freedom Foundation co-founder Eyal Aronoff’s solution to America’s “oil addiction.” Noting that Aronoff’s business card identifies him as an “oil addiction therapist,” U.S. correspondent… Continue Reading →

Fuel Freedom founder cautions over IEA report claims

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Outlook 2012 generated a mostly enthusiastic response, rather than criticism, regarding its prediction that the United States will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest oil producer by 2020 and become virtually energy independent… Continue Reading →

Truth and consequences – oil, natural gas, the economy and GHG

Recently, the media have been awash with stories on the price of gasoline going down from its recent high of $4.67 in California on Oct. 9 to $3.72 a gallon Dec. 4 (Orange County Register, Dec. 4) and the Saudization… Continue Reading →

Are “green” automakers missing the mark at the LA Auto Show?

This year’s Los Angeles Auto Show is being called the “green” auto show, by many. With increasing attendance and a growing interest in various new vehicles billed as environmentally friendly, this annual event is poised to become the leading auto… Continue Reading →