Electric Cars: The Next Smartphone?

What if a clever business model could lower the retail price of a Tesla compact sedan to less than $20,000, or make an extended range option like BMW’s i3 attainable for under $30,000? Could such pricing make electric vehicle adoption… Continue Reading →

Making the Case for Mars and Methanol

Robert Zubrin is one of those oddball geniuses who prowl around the peripheries of important national issues making suggestions that may seem completely off the wall but on closer inspection are revealed to have penetrating insight.  I first came across… Continue Reading →

Can Butanol Be the New Ethanol?

Even as the ethanol industry is wobbling over the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to cut back on the ethanol mandate in 2014, a new candidate has emerged as an additive to gasoline – butanol.  Virgin Airways founder and CEO Richard… Continue Reading →

A Thanksgiving Feast of Alternatives

“Over the river and through the wood To grandmother’s house we go. The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh\ Through white and drifted snow.” Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas is coming, and that makes me think of… Continue Reading →