Wait. Keystone will hike gas prices, not lower them?

An editorial in the Great Falls (Montana) Tribune lays out some hard truths about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would carry crude oil from Canada to refineries in the American Midwest: “Most likely the oil would be exported from there, doing little to create U.S. energy independence,” the newspaper writes.

“Canada’s National Energy Board anticipates 15 Midwestern states will experience a 10 to 20 cent per gallon increase in gasoline prices if KXL is built. It would happen because an oversupply of Canadian crude now refined for U.S. domestic use will be diverted to KXL for export.”

Detroit News: This time, cheaper gas may fuel trouble

A story in The Detroit News poses a troubling potential downside to the global drop in oil prices: “… most of the new production [in the U.S., with help from the fracking revolution] only makes economic sense at high prices. That is, it’s expensive to get the oil out of the ground, so if prices fall too much, it will cost more to get it than it’s worth.” That reality could put jobs in peril.