NRDC report helps guide major fuel buyers to sustainable biofuels procurement

The report “Biofuel Sustainability Performance Guidelines,” was commissioned by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and authored by LMI, a not-for-profit government consultancy. It comes as large fuel consumers begin to pivot toward more plant-based fuel options to boost their “green” credentials and sustainability efforts while reducing their use of fossil fuels. The report is intended to help guide fuel buyers such as federal, state and municipal bulk fuel procurement officers, contractors and suppliers, and corporate sustainability officers.

Water leads to chemical that gunks up biofuels production

Trying to understand the chemistry that turns plant material into the same energy-rich gasoline and diesel we put in our vehicles, researchers have discovered that water in the conversion process helps form an impurity which, in turn, slows down key chemical reactions. The study, which was reported online at the Journal of the American Chemical Society, can help improve processes that produce biofuels from plants.

World’s First Bacon-Powered Motorcycle

Hormel Foods has built the first motorcycle that runs off bio-diesel made from bacon grease. I know what you’re thinking – yes it does smell like breakfast when cruising down the road. Game changer? Definitely.

Hormel Foods was looking for a unique way to promote its Black Label bacon so they teamed up with BBDO Minneapolis to create the #DrivenByBacon campaign. The campaign saw Eric Pierson take the motorbike on a documented cross-country road trip starting in Austin, Minnesota, making its way to San Diego for the 2nd annual International Bacon Film Festival on August 29th – yes that’s a real thing. Eric arrived in San Diego yesterday but the “Driven By Bacon” documentary won’t be premiered to fellow pork lovers for a few more weeks.

Answers for your Questions about the Bioeconomy, biofuels, renewable chemicals and bioproducts

With great sessions at conferences, delegates are usually keen to get a hold of the powerpoint decks. But how do you get a hold of the great Q&A that follows the presentations — or the pertinent questions that get left unanswered when sessions run out of time? We’ve been saving classic questions this year — and here are the answers, too. We’ve divided these up into six areas: R&D, Policy, Feedstocks, Production & Commercialization, and Downstream Markets and Infrastructure, and Finance.


Biofuels Market – Path to Clean and Alternative Energy Source

With the past decade showing various economic activities like government biofuel incentives, soaring oil prices, green and clean venture investments, Middle East turmoil, and emerging technologies, the green sentiment has now become a global concern for all. All such factors are contributing to the critical launch of the global biofuel market, once and forever.