Q&A: He ran Shell Oil Co. – and he thinks we use too much crude

Houston Chronicle

The film’s premise is that America is addicted to oil, and that the addiction is fueled by corporations and policymakers with a vested interest in ensuring that gasoline remains the country’s transportation fuel of choice – even though there are viable alternatives, to blend with gasoline or substitute for it. They include ethanol – pure alcohol usually made from corn or sugarcane but also from non-food organic mate- rial; methanol, a fuel and chemical building block derived from natural gas and some renewable sources; compressed natural gas; and liquefied natural gas.


Auto Industry Doc Pump Emphasizes Our Oil Consumption is Unsustainable

A car’s high beams trace slow-motion lightning across the highway. An auto worker in suspenders strides the factory floor. These seductive images of the American automotive industry act as dreamy parentheses to Josh and Rebecca Tickell’s compelling and cogent documentary Pump, which examines why Americans are so lacking in options at the gas station, what that means about the future of transportation and environmental health, and why the oil-driven American Dream must die — why it is dying.

The crisis at the ‘Pump’ (and how to fix it)

Many documentaries have decried the evils of Big Oil. After all, there’s a lot to hate: it holds our wallets hostage, pollutes the planet’s atmosphere, it’s one of the motivating factors behind American involvement in Middle East conflicts in past and present centuries, and it has a grip on us that’s exceedingly difficult to break. So what’s different about the new film from Josh and Rebecca Tickell? “Pump” takes a proactive approach, spotlighting the things other countries, innovative companies, and enterprising individuals are doing in the realm of alternative fuels.