Your car could be the next iPhone

When introducing the iPhone, Steve Jobs said, “Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” Fast-forward just six years later: for most of us it’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without those magical devices. Not only… Continue Reading →

The best of all possible worlds – dependency, electric, oil and natural gas

The word potpourri could mean a collage of wonderful vegetables, meats and fish, or, for the French, it could be a rotting bowl of soup. Ah, those French! In the world of public policy, a potpourri of policies can be… Continue Reading →

What if? Achieving lower costs, less drilling and a better environment

Our lives are full of “what ifs.” Sometimes we can, with some degree of certainty, agree that if the “what ifs” had occurred, our well-being and our nation’s well-being would be different. When some of the “what ifs” would have… Continue Reading →

Where there is oil, there is conflict

Let’s take a quick tally of current flashpoints around the world that can be attributed to oil. 1. In Jordan, unrest is rising in response to the government’s recently slashed oil subsidies and Iraq’s decision to halt its exports to… Continue Reading →

Two possible futures for oil in America

Anaheim, Calif. resident, Rocha, 35, said, “You can’t do nothing about it,” as he pumped $4.66 a gallon regular gasoline into his truck at a Chevron station. The bad news is that the worst is yet to come. The good… Continue Reading →

Futebol and replacement fuels in Brazil

What comes to mind when you think of Brazil? South America’s largest country may be known first for its rich coffee, competitive futebol, colorful Carnaval and delicious caipirinhas, but rarely is Brazil celebrated for its leading role in the world… Continue Reading →

Lagging behind Israel – U.S. alternative transportation fuel initiatives

The U.S., as it is on most resource development and distribution policies, appears unable to make firm policy decisions concerning alternative transitional fuels, because of the involvement and sometimes clatter of diverse special interest groups before an often immobile Congress.… Continue Reading →

Stay out of my backyard! Oil and tax amendments

Jack Gerard, head of the American Petroleum Institute, is a paid lobbyist and advocate for the oil industry. He is not known for measured temperate presentations. Recently, he indicated that the federal government should not raise or reduce taxes, what… Continue Reading →

How to make Arctic drilling irrelevant

Recently, Exxon Mobil Corp. announced plans to drill off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. What’s most interesting about this announcement is not necessarily the decision itself, but the fact that the oil extracted from the sensitive region will fetch Exxon… Continue Reading →

Of projections and policies – natural gas and transportation fuels

Between half-time breaks in football games and during free evenings, I read the recent projections from Exxon Mobil Corp. and EIA for future energy consumption. Both analyses, one by a major global oil company, and the other by a government… Continue Reading →