There’s Gold in Them Thar’ Flares

Walter Breidenstein may be the only CEO in America who still answers the company phone himself. If his operation is still something of a shoestring, it’s because he’s spent four years trying to duel with perhaps the most formidable foe… Continue Reading →

Cheaper oil: chaos or prosperity?

Could “Falling oil prices could spark global turmoil?” Steve Hargreaves seems to think so in his piece by that name published on CNNMoney. While mentioning some economic benefits of falling oil prices, the article focuses on how a significant drop… Continue Reading →

Cheap oil, expensive gasoline

Lately, it seems like every other day there is a report about how the middle of the country is “awash in cheap oil,” thanks to an oil production boom. Conversely, consumers are still paying record-high prices to fill up their… Continue Reading →

May the cheapest fuel win

This week the Energy Information Agency (EIA) released findings in their “Today in Energy” blog, revealing that 2012 global oil production reached a record high. Earlier this year, on the very same blog, the EIA released information showing that 2012… Continue Reading →

Driving up food prices

Last week, the World Bank released a new report that further confirms what most of us have known for a long time — that rising crude oil prices are the biggest contributor to rising food prices. This may come as… Continue Reading →

Bound by the chains of oil

We all know that when the price of oil goes up Americans are negatively affected. High oil prices increase our gasoline expenditures, constricting household budgets, and cause the price of everything that is transported or produced using oil (which is basically… Continue Reading →

Moving beyond the CAFE

Recent announcements by Ford and GM show that the giants of American auto manufacturing are investing in various approaches to meet the federal government’s stringent new fuel economy standards. However, GM’s focus on plug-in electric vehicles may show that the… Continue Reading →