The future of OPEC: it won’t die, but it will become a different animal

Regardless of the outcome of the meeting on 30 November, the future of OPEC looks uncertain. The organisation is facing a perfect storm, squeezed as it is between the revolution in shale oil, which has increased global supply and brought down prices, and the prospect of a global peak demand, and falling costs of alternatives.

Volkswagen exec: some company strategists project EV cost parity with diesel by 2023–2025

In a conversation at the recent AutoMobility LA event, the Executive Vice President of the NA Engineering and Planning Center, Volkswagen Group of America, Dr Matthias Erb, stated that some strategists at the company were expecting cost parity between battery-electric and diesel vehicles to be reached by 2023–2025, owing to increasingly strict emissions standards.

EPA sets new biofuel targets. Troubled program could end up on Trump’s chopping block

The Environmental Protection Agency set new 2017 targets for biofuels, part of a troubled and complex program to promote non-corn-based ethanol and biodiesel that has fallen far short of the goals Congress adopted in 2007. Moreover, the byzantine enforcement program, strongly criticized by many oil refiners, could end up on President-elect Donald Trump’s chopping block.