7 Stories about our Broken Fuel Economy

1. Making tough choices

Fuel prices might be low now, but everyone expects them to rise again any day. When that happens, people on fixed incomes have to choose what’s more important. Rent, food, medicine?
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2. The Future

An unsustainable fuel economy will make the future uncertain, too — unless we change it.

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3. Small Business

Even entrepreneurs who are used to solving problems on their own have to face the fact that there’s only one fuel they can put in their tanks. When that fuel costs more, their profit margin takes a hit.

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4. Everything is Connected

When it costs more to ship broccoli, the cost of broccoli goes up. The same goes for literally everything in the economy. Permanently lower fuel prices would save everyone money.

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5. Making it Work

There are ways around the frustration of volatile fuel prices, like taking public transit (if it’s available where you live and work).

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6. Taking Matters into your own Hands

Willis was so fed up with high prices he decided to leave the pump behind altogether and make his own bio-diesel!

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7. Or just Rock Down to Electric Avenue…

If you can afford it, an electric vehicle could solve all your fuel price problems (lucky you!). The rest of us will have to wait — and work — for a healthier fuel economy.


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