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Wood Bioenergy and Land Use

by Roger A. Sedjo, Brent Sohngen and Anne Riddle, Resources for the Future

This study challenges the <2008 findings of Princeton scholar Tim Searchinger> http://www.whrc.org/resources/publications/pdf/SearchingeretalScience08.pdf, who posited that producing biofuels from crops and forests will end up elevating greenhouse-gas emissions, not reducing them, because such plants absorb carbon dioxide, a primary GHG. Sedjo et al said their model showed that “these sources can economically produce large levels of biomass without compromising crop production, thereby mitigating the land conversion and carbon emissions effects posited by the Searchinger Hypothesis.”

We’re not as energy independent as we’d like to think

The New York Times’ lead story today offers are lengthy and useful examination of the debate between more drilling, and more conservation and efficiency, in what the newspaper sees as signs of progress toward “energy independence”. Both drilling and efficiency are helpful, but unfortunately insufficient, to achieve this goal. Despite increased domestic oil production and a slowdown in […]