Drinking and driving don’t usually mix, but …

That’s all about to change — and no, we’re not advocating anyone getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking (seriously, don’t do that).

New developments from Ford and Jose Cuervo are bringing drinking and driving as close together as one can hope to do safely.

Last week, Ford announced it would begin using agave waste from Jose Cuervo’s tequila-making process to manufacture plastic parts used in the automaker’s vehicles. This is cool — and not just because it’s responsibly uniting two taboos.

First, by recycling and reusing the agave waste, Ford and Jose Cuervo are finding a use for carbon waste that would otherwise be dumped into landfills or spewed into the atmosphere. Now, instead of further contaminating our environment, this pollution will be sequestered inside our cars and trucks.

Second, the plastic products they’re replacing are normally manufactured from petroleum products, further weakening our dependence on oil.

And finally, the waste agave fibers that will be used are lighter and stronger than the conventional petroleum parts, making your car more fuel efficient and safer. Talk about a win, win, win.

So to reiterate: Don’t drink and drive, but the next time you do knock one back, remember that the waste from that drink may just end up in the car you drive (after you’ve sobered up!). Enjoy responsibly.

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