Movies about energy: ‘Casablanca,’ ‘Mad Max’ and PUMP

When Fuel Freedom Foundation released PUMP in theaters in September, we never dreamed it would be mentioned in the same breath as “Casablanca” and “Mad Max.”

But when The Wall Street Journal asked a panel of experts to list some “Films that Explain Important Energy Issues,” there was PUMP .

The Dec. 30 post, on “The Experts” blog, featured Fuel Freedom board advisor John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil Co., praising PUMP for showing how introducing competition in transportation fuels could reduce prices, lessen our dependence on oil, improve health and slow environmental degradation.

Hofmeister, a frequent source for The Journal who’s also arguably the biggest “star” of PUMP, adds:

There is also an underlying national security implication of using a wider and larger quantity of alternative fuels produced domestically. It reduces reliance on oil imports, creates more economic value and jobs in domestic economies, and expands choice, which Americans love, for the products they purchase. It creates a new market for the abundant and far less expensive natural gas that the shale transformation provides to the nation.

Check out the reviews of PUMP, and read more about the film on The documentary, narrated by Jason Bateman, will be released on iTunes on Jan. 13 and is now available for pre-order.

So how do “Casablanca” and “Mad Max” figure into the energy argument? You’ll have to read the WSJ post to find out. Although one could argue that “The Road Warrior” also is a great commentary on the power and influence that gasoline holds.