PUMP The Movie: Coverage weekend opening in Atlanta

PUMP Review
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The film does an excellent job of showing how much our economy is dependent on oil, but the film isn’t all about bad news.


PUMP Review
Outtakes Atlanta
The American relationship with oil is tricky, to say the least. Demand is high, and has been for decades, but it’s not exactly popular. Pump looks to take this contradiction and suggest alternatives.


“PUMP – How, When and Why to End Our Oil Reliance
Kids First!
Riveting! This film examines the story of oil addiction in America. The question is, do we have a choice of fuel?


Kids First!
[Video] Kid Critic review by Keefer Blakeslee


Medium Rare
Pump begins as a secret history, taking on shades of a conspiratorial thriller, before concluding as a kind of glossy propaganda pitch for every American’s right to energy independence.