Seeking: 50 donations for Fuel Freedom Month

All month we’ve been talking about what fuel choice means. We spent one week on each of our core issue impact areas: the environment, the economy, and national security.

Now, to close out the month, we’re looking for 50 new donors to pitch in and help fund the future of the fight for fuel choice — one donor to represent each state in the U.S. Will you be one of them?


When you support Fuel Freedom Foundation with a tax-deductible donation, you’ll be supporting our ongoing work to secure a future where everyone has a choice at the gas pump — and we’re not just talking about regular or premium.

Automotive testing: Currently there’s only one fully EPA-certified kit available for individuals to convert a regular vehicle to flex-fuel. Interest and demand exist, so we’re working to enable more conversion options.

Research: We partner with think tanks and universities to push the envelope … with research on different fuel types and their benefits for the public. Read more here:

Outreach: The issue of fuel choice is complex, and the airwaves are full of misinformation about the various fuels. Our robust communications program (including our documentary PUMP which has been viewed by tens of thousands) seeks to educate, inform and hopefully inspire our many supporters to demand fuel choice.

Join our movement as an active supporter with a donation today.