CAFE by the numbers: rising CO2 emissions [INFOGRAPHIC]

You can’t just add half a million barrels of oil to our daily consumption and not expect there to be consequences. At exactly the time when we should be coming up with ideas on how to reduce CO2 emissions from the energy sector, the Trump administration’s proposal on the CAFE standards for goes in the opposite direction.

By its own estimates, here’s what the proposal says we’ll see:

You can help improve the proposal: Sign our petition urging the government not to roll back progress on fuel economy standards for cars to be sold in the U.S. in model years 2021-26.

Plastic-powered cars are on their way

Picture this: It’s a regular day at the grocery store. You choose some products, go to the register, and accept some plastic bags from the cashier to carry your groceries home. When you get home, a bag wriggles out of your grasp and floats through the air. Your simple plastic bag has now joined the legion of un-recycled plastic that contributes to some frightening statistics. Read more