Yossie to Frank Gaffney: Fuel choice will de-fund terrorism

Among the many benefits of giving consumers fuel choice at the pump, this one might be the most valuable for the security of the United States: Reducing our dependence on oil by using other types of fuel to power our… Continue Reading →

Hey, I own a flex-fuel vehicle. Now what?

There are somewhere between 15 million and 17.5 million flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) on the road in the United States. The Big 3 Detroit automakers have delivered on their promise to make half of all their new vehicles (built since the… Continue Reading →

Here’s what critics are saying about PUMP

PUMP continues to make its way to more theaters around the country, and more critics are weighing in. The latest to delve into the film and its many important issues is Stephanie Merry for The Washington Post. Here are snippets… Continue Reading →

PUMP opens strong at box office … more screenings this week

PUMP opened well in its opening weekend, ranking among the highest-grossing films in the country in the important category of per-screen average (PSA) gross receipts. The full-length documentary played in three theaters (one in Los Angeles and two in New… Continue Reading →

Talk about PUMP Saturday at AltCar in Santa Monica

The City of Santa Monica’s ninth annual AltCar Expo and Conference opened Friday at the Civic Auditorium (1855 Main Street), but there’s plenty of action and great ideas to be shared Saturday as well. Fuel Freedom Foundation will host a… Continue Reading →

Hannity on PUMP: A story ‘America needs to know’

Sean Hannity is a big fan of the message contained within the documentary film PUMP, because it’s one he’s been promoting himself for years. The conservative radio and Fox News host welcomed Fuel Freedom chairman and co-founder Yossie Hollander and… Continue Reading →

Packed house gets peek at PUMP in L.A.

  If Monday was a prelude of what’s to come, PUMP is going to find an enthusiastic audience when it hits theaters Friday. The documentary film, produced by Fuel Freedom Foundation and Submarine Deluxe, landed on the big screen at… Continue Reading →

The price of oil is key, Yossie tells Frank Gaffney

Americans often get caught up in where we get our oil, convinced that the goal should be to reduce our dependence on imported resources. Although that’s an admirable goal, the origin of the oil we use isn’t as important as… Continue Reading →

TEDx: Environmental Benefits of Replacement Fuels [VIDEO]

It’s quite the talent to be able to pack a whole lot of truth into just 14 minutes. And, that’s exactly what Eyal Aronoff, co-founder of Fuel Freedom Foundation, did when he went to Chapman University, earlier this summer to discuss how… Continue Reading →

Happy Fourth, America. Take the day…actually, three days off

On this day, 238 years after the phrase “Put your John Hancock right here” was born, we celebrate our nation’s Declaration of Independence from Britain in different ways. We can run a 5K, stay put and watch a parade, buy… Continue Reading →