Happy Fourth, America. Take the day…actually, three days off

On this day, 238 years after the phrase “Put your John Hancock right here” was born, we celebrate our nation’s Declaration of Independence from Britain in different ways. We can run a 5K, stay put and watch a parade, buy… Continue Reading →

Oil trader profits financed by your gas dollar

Given the way oil prices have increased in recent years it appears that the old axiom “what goes up, must come down” no longer applies to oil prices. Judging by the amount of oil trading in the financial markets, it… Continue Reading →

A lesson from the Kiwis

Did you know that a Kiwi is not just a fruit? It is New Zealand’s native flightless bird and a slang term for a New Zealander. Did you also know that alternative (or replacement fuels) can be substituted for or… Continue Reading →

Fuel Freedom featured at Clinton Global Initiative America

In June 2013, former President Bill Clinton kicked off the third annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative America (CGIA), in Chicago. In conjunction with CGIA, Fuel Freedom Foundation was featured and hosted a dinner and discussion on “Refueling the… Continue Reading →

Cheaper oil: chaos or prosperity?

Could “Falling oil prices could spark global turmoil?” Steve Hargreaves seems to think so in his piece by that name published on CNNMoney. While mentioning some economic benefits of falling oil prices, the article focuses on how a significant drop… Continue Reading →

Cheap oil, expensive gasoline

Lately, it seems like every other day there is a report about how the middle of the country is “awash in cheap oil,” thanks to an oil production boom. Conversely, consumers are still paying record-high prices to fill up their… Continue Reading →

Get angry, get clever, get creative

We all know the feeling; the moment when you look down at your gas meter and see that it has dropped down to the ominous red “E,” bringing on undeniable dread. Upon seeing your gas tank reach empty, you feel… Continue Reading →

May the cheapest fuel win

This week the Energy Information Agency (EIA) released findings in their “Today in Energy” blog, revealing that 2012 global oil production reached a record high. Earlier this year, on the very same blog, the EIA released information showing that 2012… Continue Reading →

Displacing oil costs less than oil

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity — not a threat.” — Steve Jobs Are we running out of oil? Are fuel alternatives overrated? Can fossil fuels become irrelevant? The recent surge in so-called “energy” discussions is… Continue Reading →

Hybrid supercars pave the way for better technology

The plug-in hybrid family of vehicles just gained a new relative that will leave your neighbors’ Chevy Volts and Toyota Prii in the dust. Unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the McLaren P1 supercar is exotic, fast and, yes,… Continue Reading →