Yossie to Hannity: ‘We can bankrupt terrorism’

Fuel Freedom Foundation co-founder and chairman Yossie Hollander was interviewed on Sean Hannity’s radio show on Jan. 13 about oil money and how it funds extremist groups and terrorism.

Hollander made the connection between the need to protect oil supply routes and U.S. foreign policy.

“We can bankrupt terrorism. We don’t have to send our soldiers to die protecting the oil,” Hollander told Hannity on “The Hannity Show.”

(Follow this link to listen to the segment, which appears about halfway through Hour 2.)

Hollander said fuel choice provides many benefits, among them a reduced cost structure for fuels in general.

“Competition means cheap,” he said. “Think about televisions. Flat TVs. They were very expensive, until competition, so they come down.”

“I know. I bought one,” Hannity replied. “You know what, you paid $8,000 for it years and years ago, you can now get for maybe a thousand or $800.”

“Exactly, because you had a choice. If you put choice at the pump, and we can use our natural gas to produce all those fuels, then the price of oil will stay low forever, and then those countries will not be able to fund all those madrassas, all those terror activities. That’s the only way to shut them down.”

Hannity: “So the bottom line is, if we become energy independent, you’re saying that all the money for all these oil-rich countries dries up, and so too does the funding of terrorism?”

Hollander: “Correct.”

Hannity already was a fan of PUMP the Movie. He extolled its virtues when it was released in theaters in September. Hollander and one of the movie’s stars, former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister, were guests of both Hannity’s radio program and his TV talk show on Fox News.

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    Is the audio of this interview available? I only caught the tail end live and would like to listen to it again.

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