Where NGVs thrive – in unlikely places

Iran, Argentina and Pakistan – what do they have in common?
Well, all are run by more-or-less autocratic governments that play a large role in the economy. All have had rogue nuclear-weapons programs going at one time or another. And… Continue Reading →

Saga of natural gas and renewables

I welcomed Dr. Ingraffea’s (Cornell University) recent op-ed piece in the New York Times, Gangplank to a Warm Future. But, because his resume and reputation is impressive, I was surprised that it was a bit shrill and, in the worse… Continue Reading →

Cheap oil, expensive gasoline

Lately, it seems like every other day there is a report about how the middle of the country is “awash in cheap oil,” thanks to an oil production boom. Conversely, consumers are still paying record-high prices to fill up their… Continue Reading →

May the cheapest fuel win

This week the Energy Information Agency (EIA) released findings in their “Today in Energy” blog, revealing that 2012 global oil production reached a record high. Earlier this year, on the very same blog, the EIA released information showing that 2012… Continue Reading →