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Americans used to ride cheap trolleys. Then we burned them

One of the many fascinating storylines in the documentary PUMP (which is now available for download on iTunes) is the yarn about how several companies got together to take on a common enemy: popular, affordable electric trains and trolleys that criss-crossed the nation early in the 20th century. That’s a very different country than we […]


Fuel Freedom’s Yossie Hollander on Hannity radio show today

UPDATE: Download the MP3 of Yossie’s interview, which comes in the middle of hour 2. Tune in to Sean Hannity’s radio show today at 1:30 PST to catch his interview with Fuel Freedom co-founder Yossie Hollander. Topics they’re likely to discuss include oil prices, U.S. dependence on imported oil, and the Fuel Freedom-produced documentary PUMP, which, as […]


Throwback Thursday: Henry Ford, alcohol-fuel visionary

We might think of oil and automobiles as inextricably linked. But the earliest mass-produced vehicles were designed to run on multiple fuels, not just gasoline. Henry Ford brought us the original mass-market flex-fuel vehicle. That fact made him one of the biggest stars of the Fuel Freedom-produced documentary PUMP the Movie, which is now available to download on […]

Ross Anthony

L.A. author Ross Anthony: PUMP provides a flex-fuel primer

Ross Anthony has a wide range of interests. The Los Angeles-based author, illustrator and videographer has published three novels and two nonfiction travelogues, including one about the time he rode a dirt bike called Chili across the country. He’s penned a young-adult trilogy and a children’s book that was translated into eight languages. He also […]


Meet the PUMP players: Phil and Cheryl Near, selling ethanol as God’s work

One of the most compelling moments in the documentary PUMP comes when we’re introduced to Phil and Cheryl Near, who own two gas stations called Jump Start in Wichita, Kansas. They’re not ordinary stations, however: They could be the fueling stations of the future, because they sell ethanol as well as traditional gasoline. Phil Near, […]

Brackett-Times Square22

Meet the PUMP players: John Brackett, on a mission to convert gas-guzzling cars

John Brackett is one of the stars of the Fuel Freedom-produced documentary PUMP, but he’s more than just a pretty mutton-chopped face. Brackett, an automotive engineer in Colorado who goes by the Twitter handle @Fuelverine, has spent a great deal of time promoting the film, which is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Brackett specializes in […]