Research & Whitepapers

As part of our effort to give the public credible, fact-based information about oil and other types of transportation fuels, the Fuel Freedom campaign supports groundbreaking research conducted by think tanks, major universities, labs and economists. We also have experts who have written their own papers and reports. Click on the documents below to delve more into the issues.

A Call to Action

J.W.G. Turner and R.J. Pearson et al, Lotus Engineering

The authors of this research argue that since there isn’t enough E85 to power all the flex-fuel vehicles on the road, “the introduction of methanol (which can be made extremely simply and cheaply from natural gas) into gasoline-ethanol mixtures, can be used to create drop-in fuels equivalent to E85 and can bring the price of an alcohol-based fuel for spark-ignition engines down to less than that of gasoline.”