No gas-powered cars by 2025? Nor-way!

Elon Musk likely has a new spring in his step this week as news circulated that Norway is planning to stop the sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2025.

According to varying Norwegian news sources (here’s one in English), the four main political parties in Norway recently came to an agreement to end the sale of gas-powered cars by 2025. Two of the political parties involved have confirmed the deal to news sources, while the other two informed Norwegian media that, while a deal is in the works, specific terms have yet to be agreed upon.

If Norway, one of the world’s biggest exporters of oil, follows through with this deal, it will become the first country to go completely gas free. Other countries such as India, have demonstrated interest in moving towards a gas free future but claim later start dates for their proposed plans. India and Norway, however, aren’t the only countries trying to work toward a more electric future. Last week, Paris officials announced that pre-1997 cars would not be allowed in central Paris in order to cut emissions. However, this move is largely overshadowed by Norway’s potentially gas free future.

Support for EVs is not a new concept for Norway: About 24 percent of cars sold in Norway are electric cars, a much higher proportion than in other countries. To put that number in perspective, as of 2014, electric plug-in vehicles only accounted for less than 1 percent of sales in the U.S., according to Fortune.

Norway’s higher percentage of EVs can be attributed, in part, to the generous subsidies given out for EVs. Is this what it takes for EVs to gain market share, and could a similar system be implemented in the United States? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Norway seems to be the current leader in moving toward an electric future.

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