Japan bets big on hydrogen fuel cells

Remember when Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) used to sit atop the Japanese industrial complex, steering it like some giant Godzilla hovering over the entire world? Those were the days when Japan’s government-industry partnership was supposed to… Continue Reading →

Are We Entering the Age of Batteries?

Last week in Houston, Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz told CERA Conference attendees that storage batteries may be the next big energy breakthrough.  “It’s pretty dramatic,” he said.  “The research is moving very, very fast.”  Indeed, if you’re looking… Continue Reading →

Subsidies: the American way

“Picking winners and losers” is a canard routinely trotted out against subsidies for replacement fuels. But if government is playing favorites with any industry, it’s oil, and so it’s gone since Henry Ford designed his first Model T to run… Continue Reading →

Talk and do: EVs and alternative fuels

I’ve had a series of discussions with some bright and successful people in Orange County who have looked seriously at electric cars (EVs). Some own them. Some want them. Some are skeptical about them. Because EVs will play a key… Continue Reading →