We’re never going to stop fighting to end our oil addiction

And here’s one of the major ways we’ve been pursuing that goal:

Last year, a good chunk of Fuel Freedom’s efforts — with an assist from plenty of you Fuel Freedom Fighters — went into influencing the government’s revisiting of the 2022-25 fuel economy standards. We created the Policy CAFE, a special section of our website dedicated to raising awareness on this critical policy, which reduces our dependence on foreign oil and improves air quality.

We drafted and submitted an official comment to the agencies charged with revising the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards. Our response outlined our support for the effort to improve fuel economy and allow American drivers to go further between fill-ups. We explained how cleaner, high-octane alcohol fuels produced in America could be the most cost-effective way to reach the goals of CAFE —ensuring the greatest possible benefit to you, the consumer. What’s more, nearly 11,000 of you Fuel Freedom Fighters signed onto our message.

Our efforts paid off. In the EPA’s response to the public comments, our comments — out of hundreds of thousands posted to the EPA’s website — were singled out multiple times amongst a handful of other non-automaker comments.

However, even though they heard us, it appears they still have no plans to bring higher-octane fuels into the marketplace. That’s why in response to their response — yes, we know that’s convoluted — we doubled down on the importance of using more high-octane, American-made fuels in our vehicles.

From our comments:

“The robust body of existing research clearly shows significant potential fuel economy gains and GHG reductions of higher-octane fuels even when used in current vehicles. In addition, the U.S. has abundant energy resources that can be used to produce high-octane fuels and in the process create high-paying jobs. Displacing petroleum imports with these U.S.-produced fuels to supplement our existing domestic fuel supply is good for the economy, for fuel market competition, and for our national security.”

With your support we will continue to fight for fuel choice and more high-octane options in the market place. Together, we can end our oil addiction and all the horrible trappings that come with it. In its place we will create an America that is no longer dependent on foreign energy — instead relying on American-made fuels that will support hundreds of thousands of jobs right here at home. An America that’s more secure. An America with cleaner skies. An America where families don’t have to spend an arm and leg at the pump.  An America we deserve.


Read our full comment here.


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